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NORTECH completed over 120 Level II audits in more than 65 communities under contract to AHFC. The project required identification and auditing of eligible facilities within Aleut, Calista, and Doyon regions, including office buildings, community centers, health clinics, fire and public safety buildings, public works facilities, recreational facilities, pools, ice rinks, schools, and water treatment plants.


The audits included verification of benchmarking data and field inspection of each building to develop a building model, including a detailed end-use breakdown. The model was used to identify potential energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and estimate project costs, savings, and payback using savings-to-investment ration (SIR) and simple payback calculations.


A detailed report for each building provided recommendations for focusing energy investment including low cost/no cost EEMs that could be implemented immediately, O&M best practices to reduce costs, and an outline of potential project financing options.


NORTECH was responsible for all field logistics and worked with AHFC to resolve significant contractual concerns related to owner withdrawal, logistical concerns, reporting requirements in a cost-effective manner within the grant-defined timeline.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation