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Energy Services


It can be difficult to know how to best invest your scarce capital investment dollars. NORTECH is committed to identifying the most cost-effective energy improvements with the fastest payback time, putting money back in your budget quickly.  Our approach puts you in the driver’s seat, choosing the energy efficiency measures that make the most sense for your business, budget and timeline.


We offer building owners and managers real solutions that equate to real savings. Our experienced team of energy auditors, engineers and specialists will work with you to:

• Identify areas with the most savings potential

• Design and implement cost saving measures

• Train your maintenance staff for continued success


When you choose NORTECH for your energy project, you gain an experienced and proven partner and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've chosen the best. We work to understand your expecatations to create a custom design that will meet your immediate and future needs. You can relax and focus on your core business, knowing that we are focused on fixing your key issues and acting in your best interest.


As your strategic energy partner, we are able to provide:

• Energy use assessments

• Planning & design

• Project management

• Training and reporting

• Commissioning

• Retrocommissioning and more.


Contact us today to see how we can meet your energy goals!

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