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Building operating costs make up a significant portion of overall operating costs. Managing energy usage is one of the best ways to cut operating costs and increase revenue.  We offer building owners and managers real solutions that equate to real savings.


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NORTECH is committed to providing value to our clients at every stage of a project.

We focus on creating sustainable solutions, meeting clients’ immediate needs without sacrificing the interests of future generations. From environmental assessments and investigations, to energy audits and retro-commissioning buildings, our staff is focused on engineering results that will last.  




Maintaining schedule and budgetary commitments is critical to project success. Proper environmental planning can reduce the risk of unexpected complications, which can delay project and add costs. We provide professional environmental services tailored to each project’s scope, schedule and budget.


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health & safety


Keeping employees safe on the job is key to productivity. Making sure employees know and understand the risks of their work and  how to mitigate them ensures smooth business operations. We help keep business moving with customized health and safety plans and training.


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