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KEA Health & Safety Services

NORTECH has been contracted to provide Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) services to Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. (KEA) for all aspects of operations.  The scope of work includes Health & Safety Plan (HSP) development, Emergency Action Plan development, and substation safety design.


Other services include sound level measurements of the diesel-powered generation facility and audiometric testing (hearing tests) as part of KEA’s Hearing Conservation Program. The sound level measurements taken during diesel generator operations were used to ensure the adequacy of KEA’s employee protective measures. NORTECH furnished KEA with a noise contour map drafted in AutoCAD which pinpointed areas within the power generation facility with hazardous occupational noise levels.


We also provide audiometric testing services for KEA employees, which includes baseline and annual hearing tests, Standard Threshold Shift (STS) calculations, Presbycusis age corrections, audiometric testing record review, medical referrals for inconsistent audiograms, and hearing protection device fitting and training.