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NAPA Emergency Response

NORTECH was the Prime Contractor for the environmental response following the structure and inventory fire that catastrophically damaged the NAPA retail store, paint shop, and distribution center on Van Horn Road in Fairbanks in May 2011.  


Surface impacts to the exterior of the building covered approximately two acres, including: seven distinct ditches (including two culverts), packed gravel driveways and parking areas, and recycled asphalt pavement driveways and parking areas. Exterior surface areas, except those used for waste storage, were cleaned up within seven (7) days of the fire.


The building and inventory was a total loss. Over one million pounds of oily solid waste were disposed of, including 1,500 cubic yards of petroleum and low-level solvent contaminated soil that was remediated locally through a project-specific arrangement approved by ADEC and 35,000 gallons of petroleum contaminated water. The foundation and floor drains were cleaned for re-use .


The site is currently in a two-year groundwater assessment and under evaluation for vapor intrusion concerns related to the contaminated soil that remained within the structural prism of the foundation.  Existing data indicates that this site will meet the ADEC criteria for Institutional Controls with limited long-term monitoring of soil gas issues.