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Wonder Park Elementary


Wonder Park Elementary is a 52,650 sq ft school located in Anchorage, Alaska. Parts of the school and mechanical system are 45 years old. The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC), with a grant from the Department of Energy, funded the Retro-commissioning (RCx) project as part of a pilot project to demonstrate the value of RCx to the Anchorage School District (ASD), Alaska’s largest school district.


NORTECH provided RCx services for mechanical and electrical systems, performing measurements of pump and fan performance and conducting whole building electrical monitoring, identifying controls system set-point and schedule improvements that may be implemented district-wide. NORTECH staff was also able to identify portions of the heating system that were incorrectly designed and had caused comfort complaints and service calls for over 15 years yet require simple solutions.


The RCx effort identified over $16,000 in annual energy savings and maintenance cost reductions through minor repairs and control sequence modifications.