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Wrangell Junkyard Remediation Project

NRC Alaska retained NORTECH to provide Staff Professionals and technical support for the Wrangell Junkyard Remediation Project. This project consisted of the sorting and chemical treatment of over 18,000 cubic yards of lead and petroleum contaminated soils on a 3.5 acre lot. NORTECH prepared all work plans for the project, including the Site Remediation Plan, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.


NORTECH staff were present thoughout all Site work to direct the excavation and treatment of the lead contaminated soils through filed screening using a NITON XRF and laboratory sample analysis. NORTECH also provided project oversight to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations, and was responsible for the preparation on the final report for the project, including all Site surveying and mapping.


Jason Ginter and Paul Nielson (NRC Alaska) have given multiple presentations on this project, including at the Alaska Forum on the Environment in February 2017. Click here to view the presentation.